I was going to write this morning, another exerpt from the “Welcome to the Jungle” series but that series is taking a hiatus. I am about to take the NaNoWriMo Challenge.

I have decided to write a 175 page novel in thirty days along with thousands of other people who are also taking the challenge. The prize? Having taken the challenge. If I actually accomplish it… YAY! If it is worth a read… YAY! If it is badass… YAYYYYYY!

If not. COol.

I will accept support and love while I am trudging away.

And today, since it starts at midnight… I am going to take ideas all day. I have no idea what I am going to write about. The only thing I do know is that I am going to write a young adult novel since that is about the number of pages of a completed young adult novel.

I invite you to comment here and give me ideas… What do you think I should write about?

I begin tonite at midnight and I go until three minutes to midnight on the 31st of November.


4 thoughts on “What to write?

  1. “Young adult novel”? Well, no lack of material there! Shifting relationships, with family and friends as one matures, romance, environmental challenges and one’s own contribution to it all; social media challenges, career paths, politics, the latest fashion…. Gee…I hope I can provide some inspiration. It really does sound like a fun challenge, to write so much each day for one month. I guess you should not get caught up in it being perfect the first go-around — let the words flow and you can start editing in December! Once your fingers fly the ideas will start flowing…. Have fun!

    • Thanks Helen!! We are walking on the same idea paths… Juicy girl book! Strong Heroine! a little upliftment…. Good stuff!

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